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tv   Stossel  FOX News  March 30, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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what you will is everywhere and worst of all. they are in the government here they are the biggest danger since team sports. and not just the police. 10 million government bureaucrats get these as well. >> they banned drugs that might save your life. and they make kids cry by telling them that you don't have a choice in your education. john: government may use drones
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to kill people. but if a business wants to deliver products with them, they say now. they even get to confiscate your stuff and keep it. >> it's kind of like pennies from heaven. giving you a toy or something that you need. john: government bullies. that is our show tonight. single mobile. ♪ john: now it's time for john stossel. remind we start with the fda, the food and drug administration. thank goodness for the fda. the careful government time to make sure that drug companies don't sell us dangerous drugs or drugs and homework. one drug company said a drug would cure her morning sickness and pregnant women and he usually did. but then someone men who took it
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birth to children with no arms or legs. this happened in europe, but not in america because the fda hadn't yet approved it. so think goodness for the fda protecting us. but then like all government agencies, the fda grew like a tumor and today there are our bureaucratic obstacles, taking up to 15 years. and the cost and kills people as well. the fda once held a news conference and said that you would be able to get a new heart drug. no one stood up to ask, excuse me, did and this also means that you killed 14,000 people last year? by delaying its approval? no reporter asked that because reporters don't think that way. but if the drug could save 14,000 people that was an approved, but not your 14,000
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americans died because of that. regulation can kill as well. but former congressman dennis kucinich that oversaw the fda says that this regulation is good and there should be more of it. >> i'm not making such a broad statement. you know, we have to be careful about this we have to make sure that people are not going to be when taking drugs that may have adverse consequences that haven't properly been reported before they were put on the market. john: but even the stuff that goes to them as sometimes creating bad effects. >> the delays can cause problems. there's no question about it. because of exactly what you said in recent years come in the food and drug administration has changed the way it does business by putting new programs forward
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or accelerated approval of new drugs for fast-track processes. john: whisenant my body, my choice? and if i'm dying, why can't i take anything? >> i agree with you, essentially. because the fact of the matter is that we can't be responsible. >> you agree that the fda should be voluntary? >> the regulation is necessary. but each of us has the power to make choices. if we accept the consequences. the fda provides information as a result of its regulatory process. >> it tells people that you may not take this. >> they can't tell people don't take this, but they can stop the drug into the market in the event that the drug is shown to
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have clinical trials. we don't want anyone to get hurt, but we know people do did hurt. >> sometimes that is good. some drugs that are brought to market, people get hurt. john: you just watched the dallas buyers club. >> just come in to make the point you are talking about. >> for those of you who did not say see the movie. matthew mcconaghy is told he has a and then he will die in 30 days. >> the room of those drugs that were approved by the fda? >> that decision is left up to the people in the hospital. john: it is his body. why should the government stand in the way? >> there are cases in which individual benefit can be obtained by a drug that is not
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approved by the fda. then it's up to the person to make his or her own decision about whether they want to gain access to it and that's what had happened. >> you have to go to mexico or europe? you can't get in america. >> sometimes people have to go out of the country to get things, unfortunately, that the fda may not have approved area but they are often having reasons that deal with health consequences for taking a drug that hasn't gone through an approval process. john: thank you congressman dennis kucinich. and it should be our choice. let's hear from the other side. both have a form of muscular dystrophy that leads from mustard death. the boy's mom heard about an experimental drug that might cure the kids. she tried to get them at the fda approved trial and was told that macs max could be in the study but austin could not. after just a few weeks she could
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see that the drug was working. and max can walk. he can dance. and he can swim. but austin continues to get worse. he joins us now with the goldwater institute, which is the maintained that argues the people who are dying should have the right to try a new drug, even if it's not government approved. you heard the congressman. >> this is about saving lives. a with the goldwater institute is working on is an initiative where the state can give anyone with a terminal illness right to try an experimental drug before the fda has approved it. usually manufacture discovers a drug and it takes 10 to 15 years and we are saying want to have an awareness of that drug, access should be immediate.
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john: if she wants it, she should be able to get it. this right of the parts of the legislatures in several states, it and it is breeze through. you ought to be able to try something if you're dying. >> is actually moving pretty quickly in multiples and across the country. and this is true. men and women, this is a no-brainer for people. everyone has someone in their family or a close friend and has suffered and died from something like cancer or other terminal illnesses and people know when their mortality hangs in the balance they ought to have the right to try these potentially life-saving drugs no question. >> so you heard about this new drug and you had no idea that it would work and then you heard about the deadly and went to the doctors and they said that your older son was too old or what happened? and max qualify because he was so angela corey. he was often already not
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ambulatory. >> of the 12 kids, 10 halves shown marked improvement? >> all of them at this point are stable. the two that did have better lung function and that's the news that just came out. john: stable is a good thing because this has been through .5 years and the disease causes deterioration. >> yes. one thing is that kids don't get better, they don't stable, they always get worse. >> and they stop falling off the cliff. >> absolutely. they all stopped. john: and it's miraculously her other son. >> yes, he was supposed to be in a a wheelchair. he spoke with eversole. he's helping to take care of his older brother who is dying and getting worse watching his brother get better. >> have a delicate? >> he's 15 years old now. fifteen years old, children are
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sometimes angry. and he knows the drug works, he seen it firsthand and the net everyday and he wants access. john: so how do you reconcile what congressman dennis kucinich says. what are they thinking? >> with the fda is doing here is an abomination. we talk about the fast-track and when they discovered that they said this is a miracle drug so people can get it right away. that took seven years from the time the trial started to the time that it was able to get into people's hands. 30,000 people died. >> there's an attitude in government that we are the bullies. that we have to decide for them and i'm not even sure that they think about this. and jen could tell you about this. she's mad face to face with the commissioner. and you think, how can you even
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talk about this. >> they don't argue. >> they don't appear to be that every day that goes by is a loss of function for these boys and kids are dying while they're waiting and i can't count the number that have been lost. and now is the beginning of the trial osten can't use his arms trade he's losing the ability to use his arms. so talk about yet be protecting you, there's nothing to protect you from or off target effects. not a single one. john: occasionally the doctors will argue that we needed to be sure that it works. a clear double blind study. and if you could go off and take the drug. >> when you're talking about patients with a terminal illness but we know will happen. they will die. this is a very antiquated and immoral way of trying to test for efficacy and drugs and it needs to stop area.
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>> i would think that the baseline assumption should be that we own our bodies. we should get to decide for ourselves. the government says no, you may not. why do americans go along with our? >> i'm not sure that they do. 75% of the people say that they want it solved and congress doesn't do anything year after year. the political system has a lot of problems and i don't think that it necessarily reflects what the people want. john: thank you for sharing your story with us. to keep this conversation going on this over twitter, we are using this hash tag, government bullies. please join the debate. and coming up, government bullies say that you may not use a drone or choose where your child goes to school. but they get to take your stuff. >> there's limitations on [ male announcer ] this is joe woods' first day of work.
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john: have you ever been accused of a crime? at least if you're in america, the law says you're in a win unless proven guilty. we can't lock you up or confiscate your stuff unless you are convicted.
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good. but some government bullies found a way around knobloch area for example, suppose you don't trust banks. if you have a lot of cash to keep in your car. >> caring too much cash, please can accuse you of selling drugs are laundering money. you lisa berman have discovered this is how they can raise money >> from flatscreen tvs over 20 votes, you name it, they got it. >> it gets you a toy or something that you need. it's the way that we typically look at it. john: more than a billion dollars is auctioned each year. and they usually keep what they like and this is a scam is what americans for forfeiture reform
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says. so what you think. >> they're convicting you of this. john: and he has to prove that it's legally there and that can cost him 10,000 or 100,000 legal fees. most people just give up and lose their steps two exactly. they can bankrupt you and force you to give up the constitutional right to keep your money. >> one police department is money to buy a margarita machine. but i gather that most of the time they're using it for recent? >> most of the time. but this is also part of what
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finances the militarization of law and listen in. which is a concern that has been developing across the country. >> mostly when they lose property have no idea how this can happen. but before he was paid in full the man he sold it to was pulled over and was accused of driving under the influence. the police kept his truck anyway. he couldn't believe it. >> this is my money, why are you taking my money? i think it's the fault of the truck. >> the police flaunting their forfeiture, this used to be
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theirs and ours ours. >> they gave it to the government to prosecute the war on drugs. including forfeiting rights to property and liberty on the police are richer. >> oh, absolutely. john: a prosecutor in indiana, a couple of years ago he was hired as an outside prosecutor to do civil forfeiture and he would keep 25% of the total on a contingency basis. >> he was finally caught and punished for doing that. >> it wasn't a very strict punishment. i think they made him repay
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about $170,000. he should've been prosecuted. john: accompanied by luxury vehicles. custom says? >> this is legal. but the secret service is oh, no, it's not. and then they say that they can aggressively used this forfeiture with vehicles. no more than exporting american luxury vehicles to countries like china or russia where they are worth more. in this operation that tens of millions of dollars doing nothing more. >> and they say that this is legal? >> yes. >> one of them has a direct financial incentive one-way when the other says it's not.
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john: we tried to ask them and they would not talk to us about this. >> just. john: i love the clip that was posted by eapen thampy very clumsily defending it. >> are so many limitations on it. and it's revealing. >> absolutely. the police chief is talking about these pennies from heaven. what is really talking about is money that is supposed to go to to and education fund. the because he gets the as forfeiture dollars coming gets to spend it however he wants. this is a scam to the citizens of missouri. the on coming up, even the people who teach your kids to play the piano have inspired the wrath of government bullies.
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♪ ♪ ♪ john: that young man was taught by a music teacher. many feel the need to protect themselves from anti-competitive practices. what do they do when a let's ask the groups executive director. what horrible thing have you done? >> music teachers like most professionals have a statement in the code of ethics that says to you over specked their colleagues studios and they won't actively recruit students from them and the ftc feels that
10:28 pm
this is a violation of anti-competitive and antitrust laws. john: and theory i can see their point. >> yes, this is such a serious thing. we won't even allow our members to advertise prices. the ftc came in and said that is a monopoly and once they started advertising prices, prices fell from $400 to $35. >> music teacher makes that each year. >> it's so busy that this is what it should focus on. and you really can't fight the government.
10:29 pm
right? >> yes, that is right. >> so most people sign a consent order. which is another way to say we don't admit doing anything wrong, but we won't do it anymore. and then they ask you to do a bunch of onerous things for 20 years. >> exactly. we have to establish and antitrust education program for leadership and we have to appoint and antitrust compliance officer. we have to require all 500 plus of our local associations and our state associations to sign a certification that they don't have anything in their government documents that would be considered anti-competitive. john: so visibly more
10:30 pm
bureaucracy and more expense. >> it's like this trust busting is becoming a bank buster for us. >> but it's good for the lawyers. thank you gary. good luck to you. >> thank you very much. john: i have to say that the ftc is one more example of a largely useless government agency that only grows that began with 144 of leaves and now it has 12,000. they all grow and we pay for that. when i started consumer reporting, i thought the federal trade commission, that is where it should go or consumer information. but they were useless or did people were supposed to go and usually the bureaucrats didn't even answer the phone. in theory, breaking up monopolies as an offer government. but in today's competitive economy, you don't find monopolies. the ftc charged ibm with eating a monopoly in the government spent 13 years prosecuting ibm
10:31 pm
before deciding that i guess it is not a monopoly and they dropped the case. today ibm is smaller than many tech companies. so the only antitrust policy that america needs today is repeal all government barriers to entry. stupid rules that make it so hard for newcomers to compete with the established business. protects consumers best is competition and that happens when government did out of the way. coming up next, another anti-competition guide. he is a government fully and he wants to oley parents like this one into uncompetitive unionized government. >> they don't care anymore. they just don't care. john: the bully says to her, too
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john: i'd like to introduce you to my new mayor, bill de blasio. he is a small minded bully. he repeatedly attacked a woman who runs a school. >> i have seen her schools have a disruptive impact on schools that we are talking about. >> kids there were learning. i asked some questions but isn't reading and writing and hard work important? and they gave me answers like this. >> reading his work, but it's awesome. >> they look forward to going to school in the morning. and that shows they're doing something right.
10:37 pm
government manage schools are often lousy. but both kids get test scores are among the best in the state. kevin found similar schools and he was on washington dc city council. and he is a big supporter of government controlled schools. you say there are mayor is in anti-charter enough? >> no, not enough. he rolled back three of 17 charters. immaculata many others. that is true. >> some of the charters do great. >> some of them do great. but the issue is, and we have this issue in new york city, where you get cases where you put schools together for unequal
10:38 pm
resources with different kids and tell them to compete. and what you get is winners and losers in our case here she's a bully. >> how she a bully? she's teaching the kids? >> she was trying to push out autistic kids, those that were emotionally disturbed. she was trying to get space for the kids at the expense of the most horrible kids. >> i know this is in your city, but let's try to broaden its international audience. >> no other country in the world would shut down schools at work. because they don't allow government bullies to mess with what is working. they don't allow these kinds of situations to continue to proliferate. bill de blasio has made petty personal politics the byword. i'm a school board vice president and we have six
10:39 pm
location. you believe? the public school kids. 13,000 parents on a waiting list. john: you are a democrat who doesn't like her. your father is a union leader and you have a bias against people who criticize the teachers union. so you say that she is pushing these people out? she gets the same money that the other schools that do badly dead. she gets money. she has no power to push anybody. >> that's simply not true. we talk about this again. >> arcade is bare and 15% are homeless. 20% have high special needs.
10:40 pm
>> she picked by lottery. >> the lottery is a sham and then she moves them out. john: okay when you talk about the kids, it's half the kids of color that are dropping out of traditional public schools. you have a lifeline with some of these charter schools including some of these. and all of these schools are serving kids and otherwise it they wouldn't get the services that they need. we need to stop this us versus them attitude. we need to do what is best for kids. >> this fifth-grade class that she tabbed as number one in the state, this class that would be pushing out special needs kid, back class started out with 100 kids. how many kids are left today in a 51. would he think of the other 49 when we met one thing they are gone? because they are not going to give her high-performing scores that she wants.
10:41 pm
>> with the power back in the hands of the parents. let the parents choose to do makes all the difference in the world. >> by any means necessary. >> i represent 1.5 million public-school parents. 1.1 million parents. >> that is just so funny. she had a weight in this. if you want to have choice, it's about choice. >> we need to invest in our public schools and make sure that every neighborhood school can be a part of this. >> and then we still had a lot
10:42 pm
more. >> and we are not complying. it's not happening. >> what about the government monopoly were money disappears? >> the bottom one is for the kids and marketing the services. and by the way, the court said that you are under hunting our public schools. john: even the governor said he is woken up to the idea that your ideas might not be great for the kids. and now he says charter schools are good. >> that is why 50,000 parents on the waiting list in today's parents deserve a choice. >> a democratic governor that received $800,000 in contributions. >> in new york state.
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the forced everyone. john: coming up, are you watching the show while i was fishing in minutes out of? would you like a cool beer? now you can have it delivered via a drone. [ male announcer ] this is karen and jeremiah. they don't know it yet, but they're gonna fall in love, get married, have a couple of kids, [ children lauing ] move to the country, and live a long, happy life together where th almost never fight about money. [ dog barks ] because right after they get married, they'll find some financial folks who will talk to them about preparing early for retirement and be able to focus on other things, like each other, which isn't rocket science. it's just common sense. from td ameritrade.
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the one suppose you are in a remote area and suddenly you are out of here. suppose you could get the beer delivered right away be a drone? eight could happen. the technology is here, as you see. that believes in the federal government say. so why do they say stop? >> the government here is what the drones might be utilized for. because right now they have an image problem. we think about them over these but they have many positive commercial and peaceful uses that people are utilizing them for coming including delivering beer or flowers or packages in
10:48 pm
america. john: they must have some practical reason. are they worried about smashing into airplanes? >> yes, there are legitimate concerns out there. but we can deal with those in other ways probably without having a mother may i permission approach that would allow this to happen. john: in the attitude of the faa is we could play around with this. but if it's commercial use and you make money, then you can't? >> that's right, if you start applying it in a commercial way, they are cracking down and sending threatening letters to a lot of people saying don't do that without our permission. >> 17 cease and desist letters recently, saying they would deliver via drone. and i thought that was just showing that they were not prepared to do that. the real companies were doing it. >> that's right, journalists. a lot of journalists are using this to report. a lot of environmentalists are
10:49 pm
using it. people using it for other safety purposes. john: in michigan a florist offered a flower delivery by drone. your bouquet is boxed. john: in "the wall street journal" they acquired a drone for gathering news. although other organizations didn't approve. so the faa went after other film companies and baseball teams like the washington nationals to monitor performance of players
10:50 pm
during spring training. this was exciting when entrepreneurs say that government, we hope you don't have to. >> that's right, it's exciting a lot of what these entrepreneurs are doing. but the faa says that we are doing this for safety reasons. let's talk about it. every year, over 30,000 americans die in vehicle crashes in this country. that's a huge number. a lot of the things we're doing our very mundane. picking up dinner, maybe something else. what those could be delivered to us with jones? we could be saving thousands of dollars every year. many are thinking only about the short-term objectives. john: the only possible thing that could go wrong, we can always imagine the good that comes out of that. >> exactly.
10:51 pm
john: john: you have to have a licensed pilot and approval from the faa. >> this is how they start. because you have do hire a lot of them to help you if you want to get permission for these things. it doesn't just happen overnight. therefore you either give up entirely or not. >> they even seem proud of their obstructionism. look on their website. commercial joint operations and congress told the faa to come up with a plan by then. >> we are right in regulations. >> yes, it's sad.
10:52 pm
and this could affect american competitiveness as well. many are producing or muffle things with john delivery service. >> many use it to spread pesticide. >> innovators do not need to seek a blessing from bureaucrats to be innovative. john: thank you, adam. he has a new book about this called permission less automation. and next, my take on government bullies. bullies. why do they kick the
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♪ ♪ oh! the name your price tool! you tell them how much you want to pay,
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and they help you find a policy that fits your budget. i told you to wear something comfortable! this is a polyester blend! whoa! uh...little help? i got you! unh! it's so beautiful! man: should we call security? no, this is just getting good. the name your price tool, still only from progressive. >> this is used to prevent an attack. are you not find value -- substantial value in being able to rent this attack? >> senator dianne feinstein was quick to defend government spying until she learned that the government also spied on her. >> i have great concern to see a surge may well have violated the separation of powers principles embodied in the united states
10:57 pm
constitution. >> that is often how bullies work. they are eager to push others around if they are doing the pushing. [inaudible] >> when a bully and abuse as a kid, other kids do it as well. and they even come to believe that the victims need to be bullied. so why do they kick the victim? >> i doubt that. and i don't like dean bullied either. there are two things you might. voluntarily or through force.
10:58 pm
it is cool that america has government force to defend us from a foreign attack. courts that ensure contracts are honored and that is about it. that means millions of governments that can bully us do so in big and heavy ways. they demand drones delivering beer. a girl not so mistletoe.
10:59 pm
they tell tesla that must sell cars only through government favored dealers and they kill valuable futures market and prevent me to sell emanate and even punish tenor olds were doing what kids have always done. and to collect it they build a tax system that most of us have to hire specialist to deal with them. it's not a good and voluntary is better than force and that is
11:00 pm
what makes america great. that is our show. see y i'm chris wallace. vladimir putin makes a surprise phone call to president obama to discuss how to resolve the standoff with ukraine. >> if the russian leadership stays on its current path -- >> surge of troops ignites fear of another invasion. we'll get the latest from mike rogers, chairman of the house intelligence committee. it's a fox news sunday exclusive. then vulnerable democrats propose changes to obama care. >> is this a joke?


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